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Eco Friendly Printers

We have several plants around the country, and a New York and New Jersey office.

Greg Barber can be contacted on his cell phone @ 973 224 1132. The best way to contact Greg is to email him at

Our main office is:

Greg Barber Company/Eco Friendly Printer
PO Box 858
Denville, NJ 07834

Our office hours are 7 AM kto 6 PM. If you email an estimate, we generally have your quote back within 24 hours, often sooner.

We prefer on rush work or estimates, that you email first, and then
call Greg @ 973 224 1132.


Greg Barber Company, Inc

105 Franklin Street

Northport, NY 11768

Cell: 973 224 1132

6 AM - 10 PM Eastern Standard Time