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Water-Resistant 100% Recycled/Recyclable Polypropylene

Our most popular and least expensive material.

Contains no chlorine or other halogens. It's non-toxic, producing neither dioxin nor other highly toxic materials. It is produced by a clean manufacturing process, where production waste is recycled. This process consumes less energy than the manufacturing process of paper substrates.

Available sizes: 24", 36", 42", 50" and 60" (all can be full bleed). All sizes can print up to 50 feet and custom sizes can be trimmed from those listed.

  • Made from 100% recycled base material
  • Recyclable (Including curbside in some areas - PP5) PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot easily recycle this product, just send it back to us and we will be happy to do so for you.
  • Base material is non-toxic and does not contain chlorine or halogens
  • Bright white surface enhances graphic output
  • Beautiful matte finish
  • No Optical Brighteners (Optical brighteners will turn yellow when exposed to UV light or moisture
  • Extremely strong ~ can't tear it (unless you cut and then pull apart)
  • Extremely light weight and easy to hang with minimal support
  • Less expensive than many other materials
  • Water Resistant so it can be used indoors and out even in rainy or wet conditions. NOTE: For high winds / extreme conditions we suggest Heavy Duty Water-Resistant Poly (see below)
  • Dimensionally stable ~ Will not shrink, expand or become brittle


Self-Adhesive, Water-Resistant 100% Recycled Polypropylene(NEW)

  • Same recycled poly pro listed above with permanent, self-adhesive backing.
  • Usable indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to apply


100% Cotton Fabric

  • Renewable resource
  • Fabric look and feel
  • Ideal for indoor environments and can be coated for outdoor (wet) use
  • Not as strong as other materials in wet or high-wind conditions, but can be reinforced for high stress use
  • A bit more expensive than most other materials
  • Biodegradable


100% Cotton Canvas  

  • 100% cotton ~ Biodegradable
  • Natural White color (Neutral whites slightly less white than Cotton Fabric or Cotton / Poly Canvas)
  • Softer feel and less texture than other Canvas and Cotton Fabric materials


Cotton/Poly Canvas Fine Art

  • Heavyweight 65% Poly, 35% cotton
  • Bright white color
  • Neutral pH / acid free


Cotton/Poly Canvas  

  • Heavyweight 60% Poly, 40% cotton
  • Stronger than 100% cotton with natural, warm, white color


Heavy Duty Water-Resistant Poly

  • The strongest material we have ~ as strong as the strongest vinyl
  • So strong that you can punch a hole in it and hang it without grommets
  • Recyclable (Including curbside in some areas ~ PE 2
  • Ideal for extreme environments including windy and wet
  • Biodegradable under certain conditions (these are not "curbside" so stay tuned for more info on this feature)~ but for now we suggest that you recycle it instead


Water-Resistant Satin Cloth

  • Bright white cloth is perfect for retractable banner stands, artist reproductions, backlit displays, window shades, and table skirts
  • Glows beautifully when backlit, soft, drapes nicely
  • Bright white surface enhances graphic output
  • No Optical Brighteners (Optical brighteners will turn yellow when exposed to UV light or moisture)

Most, if not all, of the “Eco-Friendly” fabrics being offered in our country are being imported from China, where they have almost zero regulations which results in a terrible environmental impact, and then are shipped across our oceans on large container ships. We choose to only use American-Made Fabrics, which are highly regulated and are made with a percentage of recycled materials. We also only use American-Made, water-based inks that are heat-infused into the fibers, instead of toxic solvent inks that are printed onto a coating that sits on top of the fabric.