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Greg Barber Company, Inc
105 Franklin Street
Northport, NY 11768
Cell: 973 224 1132

6 AM - 10 PM Eastern Standard Time

At Greg Barber Company, we offer eco printing to meet your diverse business printing needs. We combine great products and services with the convenience of getting printing services online so that being kind to the environment is fast and easy! If you are currently using regular paper for all of your print jobs, check out the environmental paper we use. Environmentally friendly paper is a great way to reduce your business's impact on the environment while it is also a quality choice that will look just as good as regular paper. Eco printing is an option that makes sense for any type or size of business that cares about the planet.

When you choose our eco printing services, you can take advantage of a wide range of printing services online. Request an estimate for the job you have in mind and place your order once you have decided on which product is the right choice for you. Eco friendly brochures are one option that we offer that make a positive impact for a variety of uses. If you are attending a seminar, trade show, or training event, eco friendly brochures can include everything that you need for the event in black and white or full vibrant color! Make the impression that you want to make for any occasion.

One of the advantages to our eco friendly brochures is that you choose the number you really need. They are made from 100% Post Consumer Waste and are available in trifold, Z fold, and half fold. There are no minimums and rush work is available so you get the number of brochures you want in the shortest time possible! Just visit us online to get an estimate and see how affordable eco printing can be! If you have concerns that environmental paper will produce a lesser quality product, just view the samples of our products that are made with environmentally friendly paper. You will always get quality printing that is also a good choice for the environment.

The choice to use environmentally friendly paper for your printed products is a simple one that can have a big impact on the planet. The more companies that make the transition, the greater the impact will be. There is no sacrifice of quality when you choose environmental paper and you also get the advantage of using our convenient printing services online. That means no more running out to the print shop when you have an unexpected printing need. Just log into your account and place your order to have it delivered to your door!

Eco printing is an option that more businesses are switching to and our company offers the quality and variety of services that you will enjoy from start to finish. Visit us online at to learn more about our products and services and to get an estimate for your next eco-friendly print job. Read our e-books to learn more about our products and the importance of making the switch to eco-friendly process and products that are good for the environment and for your business.