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Green Magazines

The Regeneration Publishing was founded in November 2016 as a response to the digitally oversaturated, polarized media climate that surrounded the Presidential election. Discerning accurate, verifiable information on climate change and environmental issues, in particular, had become increasingly difficult, as both the right and the left were guilty of politicizing and obfuscating the problems and the potential solutions to our planet’s environmental woes.

The Regeneration is a magazine that spotlights the endeavors of creative people who strongly consider their environmental impact within their work. I created this publication to give writers, designers, entrepreneurs, and artists, who utilize ecological design and circular thinking, a place to share their work. These are the people who are finding innovative ways to change the way we talk, think, and act in relation to climate change. These are the people who are inspiring our generation and the generations to come and deserve to be recognized.

Call Greg Barber to purchase your copy today ($15 plus UPS).  If you would like a quote on your own magazine or brochure call or email Greg Barber.

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